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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Sunglasses

Cheap Hugo Boss sunglasses for men and women

Hugo Boss is Germany’s largest and most well-known fashion brand and it is founded by the loved and hated Hugo Ferdinand Boss. Hugo Boss has still the day to day their base in Metzingen, south of Stuttgart, and has been there since the founding in 1924. The company bankruptcy in 1930 but Hr. Boss got it recreated under the same name. And hereafter went the sale fast especially because of the big orders from SS, SA and other under Hitler’s organizations. Hitler’s defeat in 1945 had big influence on Hugo Boss as the company and especially Hr. Boss was sympathetic with the Nazis. After some hard years died Hr. Boss in 1948 but his company survived. And in 1953 started the company to produce the famous suits which is the most known product today, especially between business people. After the suits success came a lot of other things like perfumes, sunglasses, glasses, jewels, watches and the clothes lines Orange, Black and Green.

Sunglasses from Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Sunglasses are clean in the design and classic in the look. There are worked hard on the design even on the small details and the fit is perfect. A lot of the models are in a new Retro Look vision, which is made with the best touch of Hugo Boss. The frames are in neutral colours which just gives an exclusive and clean look. Hugo Boss is to the man or woman who wants the classic look.