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The renowned tennis player Rene Lacoste founded in 1933 the French fashion house La Chemise Lacoste. The company ended up with one of history's most recognizable logos, the Crocodile. Rene had previously entered into a bet that if he won the rest of the matches at the Davis Cup tournament, he would get a bag made of crocodile skin. He did not succeed unfortunately but he was nicknamed "the Alligator" afterwards because of his hard fight. Afterwards Rene Lacoste began to play in shirts with a crocodile logo embroidered. In the early 1930´s he had to stop his career because of injuries. Several of his friends suggested him to start a clothing brand with his famous crocodile logo. And he did so in 1933. Lacoste started selling a new and unique tennis shirt which quickly became popular in France and Europe.

Lacoste expanded dramatically in the 1950s when they began to produce clothes in other colours than white (the classic tennis colour). In 1952 Lacoste began to export products to the U.S. focusing on sportswear. Lacoste is today one of the most popular sports brands in the U.S.! In 1963 Bernard took over the management of the company from his father Rene and he added further growth!

Lacoste was the epitome of 1980s when the crocodile was one of the hottest brands together with Hugo Boss. But the enormous success had a downside and in the early 1990s Lacoste lost market share worldwide. Because of that there was introduced a long term strategy for development and branding of the brand. The strategy succeeds in the beginning of the new millennium when Lacoste again began to grow.

Sunglasses from Lacoste

Lacoste sunglasses are easily recognizable and very classic in style. They have used the classic style of clothes in the design of the sunglasses and it works really well. The design is very simple and stylish where the crocodile in most cases is on the side of the frame. Alternatively there are engraved Lacoste very discreet. The colours are classic earth tones or black. However there come more colourful models with time but the standard colours is the same. Lacoste sunglasses are not a revolution in design but they fit super well to the audience. All matches with Lacoste’s overall image and style. Lacoste is sunglasses for both sports people but also the casual man/woman who wants to be unique and special.