Miss Sixty Sunglasses

Cheap Miss Sixty sunglasses for women

Miss Sixty was founded in 1991 as a jeans brand. The collection consisted of jeans that were specially adapted to the female body and the label was a hit from day one. The very feminine look combined with bold and glamorous detail has since been a feature. Today Miss Sixty produces a full clothing and accessories collection as well as sunglasses, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

Sunglasses from Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty sunglasses are simple, sexy, filled with feminine details and eye- catching. The shapes are round and usually large while the colours are either classic or screaming. Colours like pink, yellow, green and blue etc. are widely used. The sunglasses are created with many kinds of details from small flowers to untraditional prints. Miss Sixty sunglasses are made to the diva who wants a sexy and funky look!