Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Cheap Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses for men and women

Yves Saint Laurent started his career at the renowned French brand Christian Dior. After some good years their ways parted and in 1962 founded Yves Saint Laurent his own brand, named after him. In 1966 came the first great success when Le Smoking the suit for women was launched worldwide. In addition Yves was very active in ready-to- wear for women where he in collaboration with among Rive Gauche (and the shop of the same name) made a great impression on the customers.

Laurent was also the first designer who used black people in his catwalk shows. This created much stir at the time but it is today a natural part of the fashion industry. Yves Saint Laurent has always managed to generate much attention and been cross until his death in 2008. In 1999 Gucci acquired the French fashion empire and with Tom Ford in the lead the brand got a new fresh release. The style was more sexy and contemporary while Laurent self-designed the Haupt Couture collections.

Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent and YSL

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses are very classical and in typical French design. They have tried to rediscover the great YSL time which is very well succeed. Glasses vary in size and shape but it is very obvious that they have done a lot out of details on the sides of the frame. Which vary from very simple symbols to incredibly beautiful patterns. YSL sunglasses are primarily for women who want French elegance and style!