Tom Ford Sunglasses

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Tom Ford started his design career at Perry Ellis (1988- 1990) where he and Marc Jacobs in 2 years was a strong team. But American design was not Tom's dream. He wanted to go to Europe. And the problems in one of the world’s biggest fashion houses, Italian Gucci, were the road. Gucci was on the verge of bankruptcy and the company lost sale and had major internal problems. But Tom Ford was hired in 1990 to be responsible for designing women's ready-to-wear. In short time he took over men’s ready-to-wear, the shoe department and in 1994 he was already chief designer for one of the world's biggest brands. The success continued and Tom's ability to spot new trends rescued Gucci from the crisis and made the Gucci label into one of the world's largest and strongest brands. He was also involved, after Gucci acquired Yves Saint Laurent, to refresh the old school French brand. In 2004 he left the company after 14 years of dedicated service and started his own label, namely Tom Ford.

The first Tom Ford sunglasses and eyeglasses collection was released in 2005. Since then the brand has only been one big success history. There has been expanded with clothing collections for men and women, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, etc. In addition Tom Ford created the two sunglass bestsellers Whitney and Jennifer who is loved worldwide!

Sunglasses from Tom Ford

Tom Ford sunglasses are usually large and with round frames. The inspiration comes from the 1970s added a Tom Ford touch. The large frame and the delicious details give a special look that appeal to many girls in particular. The sunglasses are feminine and retro in a new modern way where it is important to have an exclusive look. The uses of colours create a colourful game that is truly unique to the design. The fit is also top notch and there is lavished for the details on the front, on the frame and on the sides.

Tom Ford has managed to take the best from Gucci and add it all his own style. This has in record time done the brand world known and loved by both the famous people in Hollywood but also the normal consumers. Tom Ford is made to the man and the woman who wants to an elegant style and a modern profile!