Barito Sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses for men and women

Barito is a Danish brand that produces sunglasses and accessories. Barito was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen and has since the beginning grown steadily year by year. The brand is best known for designing and producing sunglasses in collaboration with famous people. The sunglasses collection is known as the Barito celebrity collection. Nik & Jay, Rikke Hørlykke, Jokeren, Jan Magnussen and other has named and designed a few pairs of sunglasses models. Barito has besides the celebrity collection also a normal sunglasses collection with Baritos own design.

Sunglasses from Barito sunglasses

Barito sunglasses are both for women and men and the selection is large. Each sunglass is made in 2-6 colours so there is something for everyone. And the quality is top notch! So do you want a pair of sunglasses in the mid-price range then the Barito sunglasses are a good choice.