Calvin Klein Sunglasses

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Richard Klein founded in 1968 Calvin Klein at York Hotel in NYC. Ninth years later his company was grown big and included licenses to production of shoes, scarves, sunglasses and more. The company was growing and growing until the end of 1980. Here started financial problems and the company were close to be sold but the buyer left the deal because of the crash on the stock market. In the beginning of the 1990 the company was very close to bankruptcy but survived because of an underwear commercial with “Marky Mark” Mark Wahlberg, which was a new beginning. Since that year Calvin Klein Underwear has been famous worldwide. In 1993 did Mr. Klein get the price as "Americas Best Designer".

Sunglasses from Calvin Klein and CK

Calvin Klein sunglasses are very American in the look and without a lot of extra details. There has been worked a lot on the ground design and comfort and it is glasses of very high quality.