Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses

Cheap Vivienne Westwood sunglasses for women

Vivienne Westwood is known as the English designer who managed to make punk and new wave fashion mainstream. It was with her husband Malcolm McLaren that she began to sell off her designs. As Malcolm in 1971 opened a shop this gave Westwood the chance to sell the designs she had created in private. The success was great and the brand grew rapidly. Today Vivienne Westwood has 5 exclusive concept stores in England.

Vivienne Westwood sunglasses are unconventional and innovative in design and colours. The idea has been to add a lot of energy and style from punk environment and it has been a success so far. The sunglasses have appeal both to people in the music environment but also to those outside. The colours are often very classic; black, white, brown and beige but it fits very well with the style. Vivienne Westwood sunglasses are for the woman or man who wants to stand out from the crowd on a cool look and music style!