Police Sunglasses

Cheap Police sunglasses for men

The fashion brand Police and the band Police have nothing to do with each other. They only use the same name. In 1981-1982 were the first sketches made to the first Police sunglasses models. This all took place in Italy. In 1983 came the first sunglasses collection on the market and the brand became a hit from day one. Since then the brand has grown a lot and you can now buy Police sunglasses World Wide.

And now are collections of perfumes, watches, jewellery, accessories, leather accessories and clothing also available. In 2000 was Bruce Willis model for a Police sunglasses advertising and it was the beginning of using famous persons in the branding of the Police brand. Since then Maldini, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas has advertised for Police sunglasses. It was especially David Beckham's face on the advertising posters from 2004-2006 that did Police both popular and world known.

Sunglasses from Police

Police sunglasses are men's sunglasses in a stylish and fashionable design. The sunglasses are small, medium and large in sizes and therefore there is something for everyone. Police can be recognized by the famous P logo that David Beckham made famous with the sunglass model which he designed and made advertising for. If it must be masculine and elegant it must of cause be sunglasses from Police!