Christian Dior Sunglasses

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Christian Dior is one of France largest and most well-known fashion houses. The brand Dior was founded in 1947 by Christian Dior. The “New Look” collection started it all and in only 10 years Dior created a large and solid company before his death in 1957. Christian Dior was also known as the man of licenses. He was the first who sold his brand name as license. He did it already in 1947/48 where the perfume Miss Dior where the first. Since several other parts of the company where sold out on licenses. A lot of famous and well known designers have been working for Dior. French Yves Saint Laurent and Italian born Gianfranco Ferré are the most known.

Sunglasses from Christian Dior

Dior sunglasses are always in front of the general fashion and they are full of new ideas. The logo is used in many different designs and the sunglasses are very elegant, exclusive and luxury. There are classic models but also a lot of trendsetting and fashionable which is made for the finest Diva. Dior sunglasses are style and good taste!