Gucci Sunglasses

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Gucci is one of the world’s largest fashion brands and it is especially known for luxury products in leather, accessories, sunglasses, perfumes etc. But the company has been an incredible number of things through since its founding in 1921. It was Guccio Gucci who opened the first Gucci shop in Florence with leather goods and the shop was naturally given family name Gucci. The sales went well and the brand quickly became known and already in 1938 opened the second store in Rome. In 1947 came the famous Gucci Bamboo bag which even today is a part of the collection. In the 1950s came the Green-Red- Green Strip and the same did the Horsebit and both were trademark protected. In 1960 where the even more famous GG logo created!

Guccio Gucci died in 1953 and thereafter followed a precious family dispute over money, power and ownership. The controversy continued right up until 1990 when Gucci hit the worst sales crisis in its history. Sales were miserable and the focus was more on who had the power then designing fashionable products. Something should be done to rectify the dusty reputation. An American named Tom Ford was hired in 1990 and in 1994 he became chief designer. He had a new idea and vision and in just a few years he many doubled the turnover and made the Gucci label more known than ever before. Sales went well on all products and Gucci was one of the most famous designer brands in the world. In 2004 after 14 years of dedicated service, including 10 years as chief designer, Tom Ford left Gucci in order to start up his own brand.

Sunglasses from Gucci

Gucci sunglasses radiate style, clean design and luxury in first class. There has been worked a lot on the design so the sunglasses got a modern and beautiful look. They are often very feminine and there are made in both small and large sizes so there is something for everyone. On the side of the frame there is always a GG logo, a Green- Red-Green logo, Guccis coat of arms or the Gucci name. So in this way the sunglasses are always easy to recognize. And that is what the customers like. Besides the sleek design and the famous brand then Gucci sunglasses have a good fit and they are made in many colours so that there is something for everyone. Should it be top luxury then it must clearly be Gucci!