Fendi Sunglasses

Cheap Fendi sunglasses for men and women

Fendi was founded in 1925 as a fur and leather shop in Rome. Adele Casagrande opened the shop with her husband Edoardo Fendi. And the shop got of cause the family name Fendi. In many years the focus where mainly on fur products which still is a big part of the Fendi Company. The brand became famous for the quality and design but had to accept that Gucci was more attractive and popular. A lot changed in 1965 when Karl Lagerfeld became chef-designer for the fur products. He created some very successful collections and under one year after he was hired he had created the well-known "Double F Logo" which today is the synonym with Fendis leather items, sunglasses, perfume and accessories. Lagerfeld became later chef designer for Fendi and he is still today working at Fendi. In 2002 bought LVMH- Group (Louis Vuitton - Moet - Hennessy Group) Fendi and the French fashion company has done Italian Fendi more famous than ever by advertising and open shops worldwide.

Sunglasses from Fendi

Most of Fendis sunglasses collection is to women as they are the primary target group. They make a nice men’s collection which has a clean and timeless design. The sunglasses are feminine and with a round design and often large glasses. The sunglasses are as well full of details like fur, leather or crystals. There is always either a Fendi Logo, a Fendi monogram, a Fendi Buckle (known from the bags) or the Fendi name on the sides. It does the sunglasses easy to recognize and add a lot of charm.