Åska / Aska Scandinavia Jewellery

Åska Jewellery / Aska jewellery is from Sweden and was founded in 2007 in Stockholm. The whole idea behind the brand is to create fashion jewellery for the woman who wants to be unique, exclusive and colourful with a touch of the Scandinavian design.

The biggest secret behind the jewellery is the beautiful stones and pearls in a variety of colours. They are handmade which makes each piece unique. None of the jewellery has 100% identical stones or pearls. The collections spend from quite simple and classic designs to more daring and colourful designs. Each line consists typically of a short necklace, a long necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Åska is Swedish and translated into English it means thunder. And we must say that they have taken the world with thunder. The label has grown dramatically since the introduction and it is today sold all over Europe and in individual markets in the rest of world. And it will not end there! Åska / Aska are jewellery for everyday and party nights. The lines can be mixed as you want so you can create your own style with a unique look.