Alessandra Dell’Acqua Sunglasses

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Alessandro Dell’Acqua is a newer Italian fashion brand with a funny history. The famous designer launched in 1996 his first women's collection at a fashion show in Milan. Already in 1998 came the first men's collection on the market. Since then it went incredibly fast and the brand is now sold in all major fashion countries. Dell’Acqua has a concept store in New York.

Alessandro Dell Acqua was also the creative director of Malo, an Italian luxury knitwear company, and launched the first collection SS2009. In 2009 made Dell’Acqua also a press release which said that he had not authorized the SS collections for 2010 but that it would be sold anyway with his famous label.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua sunglasses are Italian design when it is best. The style is very sleek and the design is made after the book. However the sunglasses are peppered with some nice details that give just the right look.