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Oakley has probably the funniest but also the most successful story of all sunglass brands in the world. Oakley was a success from day one and has remained so ever since. It all started in 1975 when Jim Jannard for an investment of $300 invented "The Oakley Grip" which was a special motorcycle handles. It became very popular in the motocross world. One thing led to another and in 1980 Jannard launched the first pair Oakley Goggles named the O- Frame. This was the beginning of a sunglass adventure that never would take an end. And from 1980 Oakley was a brand that was taken seriously. The name Oakley comes from Jannards dog. It was by his side when he invented "The Oakley Grip".

Sunglasses from Oakley

Oakley sunglasses have won many awards throughout the years and the history of Oakley testifies that the brand has been a huge success. Oakley sunglasses are successful because they combine stylish design with functionality. Especially athletes and people who practice extreme sports love Oakley. The special frame that both fits well but also can withstand bumps and knocks combined with some practical and good glass has made the brand popular. No other sunglasses brands have managed to compete with Oakley not even Nike although they still try. Oakley sunglasses are of high quality where both functionality and design are in focus.