Replay Sunglasses

Cheap Replay sunglasses for women

Replay or Replay Blue Jeans, which the brand correctly is called, was founded in 1978 by Claudio Buziol by his company Fashion Box Industries Spa. Replay is the epitome of denim jeans for women in particular. It is jeans with an incredibly good and comfortable fit and a lot of cool details at the pockets, etc. The same applies to men jeans and they are available in both classic and baggy fit. Today Replay is designing a full clothing collection for both sexes and children.

Replay sunglasses are simple and often synonymous with their jeans. They have created a lot of models from the same wisdom and vision that they create jeans and it has led to collections with an incredible number of delicious and attractive models for both sexes. Usually sunglasses are adorned with the familiar red Replay logo on the side of the frame. Replay Sunglasses are for the man and the woman who dares to live "denim".