Missoni Sunglasses

Cheap Missoni sunglasses for women

It all started with colours and that's continued ever since. Missoni is world famous for its unique and colourful knitwear collections. The couple Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Missoni founded the firm in 1953 and the company has since been controlled by the family. In the 1970s Ottavio leave the company in favour of other projects but his wife Rosita worked on. In 1998 the company got their daughter Angela as new owner and Rosita were responsible for the design. Missoni sunglasses are like the clothes incredibly colourful and they give the person who is wearing them colour and radiance. The design is often traditional and simple but the colours make the look unique. And it is the unique look that the customers want. So must it be full of colours and unique then Missoni is the right choice!