Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Cheap Marc Jacobs sunglasses for women

Marc Jacobs is an American who has great success in Europe and worldwide. Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs is the hottest American designer’s at the moment in front of famous men like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Marc Jacobs started as a designer at Perry Ellis but in 1986 he designed the first collection under his own name. Already in 1987 as the youngest designer ever he got the CFDA Awards in an age of only 24 years.

Since then it has gone really fast. Marc Jacobs has gone from being an exclusive brand to today to be a fashion house. There are today several brands in the company and the fashion house covers the following brands: The Marc Jacobs Collection (the label who founded it all), Marc by Marc Jacobs and Little Marc (kids clothes). Alongside his own brand Marc Jacobs is hired as chief designer at Louis Vuitton which he has been since 2007.

Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs sunglasses are different from all other brands. There are used an incredible numbers of hours on the designs which makes them unique. The frame is often decorated with many colours and details which form a marvellous device that is both exclusive and elegant. Colours as Bordeaux, Blue, Purple and Brown are often used. The style is clean and the frames are adjusted down to the smallest detail. Marc Jacobs sunglasses are for the woman and the man who wants to be exclusive and stand out clearly from the crowd.