Dsquared2 Sunglasses

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Behind Dsquared2 is the 2 world famous twins Dean & Dan from Toronto, Canada. After they had study fashion in New York the twins took to Milano in 1991. Here they worked for GiannaVersace and Diesel where they designed the clothes collections. In 2003 they launched their own brand called Dsquared - Dsquared2 as it is spelled.

Dsquared2 is known for their very different design which often goes against the normal fashion. The brand is also known for making fashion shows that makes everyone else in the industry jealous. In 2008 Dsquared2 signed a contract with Marcolin, which includes design and production of Dsquared sunglasses. Dsquared2 sunglasses are like the clothes different from all other brands. The sunglasses have often thick rimmed glasses and frames.

Some would think that the sunglasses are too big because the sunglasses don’t match to their face. Dsquared2 sunglasses are made both in the classic earth colors but also in funny color. Red, violet and green are among the most frequently used colors.

Sunglasses from Dsquared2

Dsquared2 sunglasses are for the woman or the man who want big sunglasses with attitude but also stylish and modern at the same time.